The emergence of new forms of religious discourse, authorities, masculinities, and identities in and through new media platforms; digital Salafist identities in Germany, the UK, and Tunisia after the 2011 Arab Spring. 

Current projects:

  • Research article "On Becoming Manly: Affect, Humor
    and Piety in the Mediation of a Digital Salafist Masculinity." 
  • Research article on the hashtags #apocalypse and #endtimes and their connections to religion and popular entertainment culture


The intersection between language, modernity, and religious practice in religious minority communities in the United States; the lingering impact of media stereotypes of Islam and Muslims after 9/11; media anthropology.

Current projects:

  • Media Ambivalence in US families
  • Life stories and media usage of Syrian refugees in Germany 


  • Digital Salafism through the lens of Third Spaces of Digital Religion
  • Hypermediation
  • Polymedia
  • Critical  Discourse Analysis (CDA)
  • Sociocultural linguistics with an analytic focus on narrative analysis, time/space/identity relations, and social semiotics. 
  • Quantitative and qualitative approaches to Twitter, using Twitter API, topic analysis, and semantics.