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I'm a storytelling and online course creation strategist, helping digital course creators use storytelling to supercharge their digital courses.

Let's do it together!


In a world of information overload and bland cookie-cutter courses, have you ever yearned to stand out, cut through the noise, and forge those authentic, soul-stirring connections with your perfect tribe?

Join me on a life-changing journey...

It happened on an almost empty Swiss Airline plane when the pandemic hit.

Fresh from researching storytelling among refugees at a German university, I was en route to Colorado for my regular teaching gig as a linguistic anthropologist (and to finally reunite with my neglected husband).

Masked up (yes, with an eye mask, the best I had), cocooned in a warm blanket, I pondered my life in academia and my burning desire to drive positive change.

You see, with a Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology and nearly two decades of teaching experience, education wasn't just a job—it was my passion.

Online teaching was my jam because it allowed me to witness students from all over the globe experience breakthroughs that transformed their lives.

But let's keep it real—mastering online teaching wasn't a walk in the park.

It was long before Covid pushed educators online that...

I spent all my time crafting content for my courses, hoping to strike gold.

But reality hit hard—my courses weren't exactly setting the world on fire, and my students? Well, they were dropping like flies and handing me lukewarm reviews.

So, I had to hustle and think fast. 

Luckily, my research on storytelling swooped in to save the day. I began infusing stories into every aspect of my courses, effectively communicating knowledge while keeping students engaged and eager for more.

But it wasn't until that plane ride that I had my 'Eureka!' moment(s)...

🌟 I wanted to launch my own business, breaking free from the confines of academia to share the magic of storytelling with fellow digital course creators.

🌟 My goal? To empower those who empower others—yes, including you, my amazing fellow creator!


But this wasn't the happily ever after - YET.

As I glanced over all the vacant seats on that flight, doubts marched in and rained on my parade. Should I abandon my trusted career? What would people think? What do I know about running a business?

Being obsessed with lists, I quickly scribbled down my expertise that makes me, well, ME...

💡 my decades-long storytelling research adventures that included some wild fieldwork – it’s been quite a ride!

💡 my consulting job sharing my linguistic skills with fellow teachers to spice up their teaching content.

💡 my launching numerous online courses – a treasure chest of inspiration, really!

And I still LOVE that list.

It has been guiding me towards doing what I genuinely love and excel at – designing courses and using storytelling to make them truly effective. 

And it has morphed into my superhero cape against that pesky imposter syndrome and against drowning in the noise.

What is your unique superhero cape? Let's find out together!

So, my friend, I have a question for you:

Do you want to join me on this thrilling digital course creation ride where storytelling reigns supreme?

Let's unleash our creative powers together!

The sky's the limit.



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This is the right journey for you if you want to...

differentiate yourself

Storytelling adds a unique and captivating element to your courses and marketing, making them truly one-of-a-kind in our competitive digital course market.

leave a lasting impact

Storytelling engages your clients on an emotional level, making your content memorable, relatable, and sharable. 

optimize your course design

Storytelling structures your course, aligning modules and lectures along a proven and impactful framework that ensures a memorable learning experience.

build strong connections

Storytelling humanizes learning, helping you build a personal connection, trust, and rapport.

enhance learning

Storytelling helps your clients grasp complex concepts , see their real-world applications, and get quick wins.

cultivate forever fans

Storytelling creates an enjoyable learning experience, motivating students to return for more courses and spread the word.

Are you ready to write the first chapter of your course success story?


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