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How to Attract Your Ideal Learners Authentically with Story Copywriting

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Authentic story copywriting for online course creators

Are you ready to dive into the world of marketing your online course? Do you want to attract your ideal learners without resorting to flashy gimmicks?

Get ready for an exciting journey that starts with story copywriting.

You've probably heard about the power of storytelling to deeply connect with your audience and effectively convey your message. It's fascinating, right?

But if you're not sure about where to start your storytelling adventure, especially if your course marketing is just "okay-ish," don't worry – I've got your back.

As a seasoned storytelling veteran, let me give you all the storytelling know-how you need to get heard LOUD and CLEAR.

What is Story Copywriting?

At its core, story copywriting is about creating persuasive content that uses stories to achieve specific goals, like attracting or enrolling your dream learners.

So, what exactly is a story?

Picture a story as a thrilling rollercoaster ride – your ideal learners hop on, meet intriguing characters, experience exhilarating twists and turns, and ultimately arrive at the transformation they crave.

But that's not all – story copywriting can create connections that motivate people to take action - how does sliding into your DMs or remembering you when they encounter your course sound?  That's the power of storytelling!

Don't just take my word for it – Stanford Marketing Professor Jennifer Aaker's research shows how storytelling shapes how others perceive you and persuades people to take action. Check out her video:

Don't you just fall in love with storytelling after watching this video...

Still not convinced? Science backs up the impact of storytelling on our brains. Neuro-economist Paul Zak's research shows that every time we tell a captivating story, our oxytocin levels increase, promoting empathy and trust.

Long before hashtags and cat videos, our ancestors huddled around campfires, sharing epic tales of how to survive and thrives. And more recently, from Shakespeare to Spielberg to today's binge-worthy Netflix shows, storytelling keeps us interested and connected.

Who needs fancy gimmicks when we have storytelling to wield such power?

Why Story Copywriting Matters NOW

In this age of information overload, AI-generated courses, and never-ending shiny new objects, story copywriting is a rare gem that adds authenticity.

It's a simpler, more sustainable, and incredibly effective alternative to fluff and noise.

Story copywriting...

  • builds TRUST and LOYALTY with your clients, making them more receptive to your message and offerings.
  • helps you STAND OUT and make a lasting impact with authentic content instead of bombarding your audience with endless facts or exaggerated claims.
  • creates LASTING RELATIONSHIPS that go way beyond transactions by tapping into human experience.

And, let me tell you,– consumers crave genuine connections. Stackla’s analysis, for instance, shows that 88% of consumers prioritize authenticity when deciding what brands to support.


Now,  this is not new. Businesses have used stories in ad campaigns for ages, but those who truly embrace genuine stories are the ones who stand out.

They become more relatable and human, which breaks down the barriers between them and their customers.

Take Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, Patagonia's commitment to environmental conservation, and Airbnb's "Belong Anywhere" campaign – they've all mastered authentic storytelling to build loyal communities:

→ Dove is a storytelling powerhouse that challenges conventional beauty standards, featuring women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The campaign's stories center around body positivity and embracing natural beauty. As a result, Dove has sparked conversations about self-acceptance, empowerment, and authenticity among women globally. 

→ Patagonia uses storytelling to showcase its sincere commitment to environmental conservation, such as donating a portion of sales to environmental causes and encouraging customers to repair rather than replace their gear. Patagonia's storytelling not only attracts environmentally conscious consumers but also inspires other businesses to prioritize sustainability.

→ Airbnb uses real stories from hosts and guests to showcase the human connections and cultural experiences facilitated by their platform, fostering a sense of belonging. The brand championed the idea that travel is more than just a transaction – it's about forming meaningful connections and embracing different cultures.

Story Copywriting for Course Creators

Now, for us course creators, story copywriting involves using storytelling techniques to write compelling and engaging course (and marketing) content, 
incorporating narratives, anecdotes, and examples to make our material more relatable, memorable, and organized.

It adds a layer of depth and richness to the learning experience, making it more enjoyable and impactful for our learners.

The best part? Story copywriting can be as simple as sharing  our own story. Let me share these awesome examples with you, so you can get started with storytelling in your own courses:

★ First up, we have Sarah, a sustainable fitness enthusiast and online course creator. In her courses, she gets real and shares true stories of her own struggles with body image and societal pressures. By being honest, Sarah creates a safe space for her students to embrace their bodies and focus on their health with self-acceptance and compassion – it's like having a supportive mentor cheering you on!

★  Now, meet John, a successful entrepreneur who's eager to teach others start their own businesses. Instead of sugar-coating struggles, he talks about the challenges he faced on his own journey. He shares stories of failed ventures, financial struggles, and moments of self-doubt, showing his students that setbacks are just a part of the game.

★ And then there's Maria, the language enthusiast. She's created an online course to teach others how to learn new languages by having fun. Maria's secret sauce? Stories about her and her clients' language-learning experiences, sprinkled with a dose of humor. Maria creates a supportive learning environment that inspires students not to take themselves too seriously and enjoy expanding their linguistic horizons. 


It's Your Time To Get Real Results!

So, take a cue from these storytelling rockstars. They've nailed it, and you can too! Start with these brainstorming questions:

  1. Who is my ideal learner? What challenges do they face and what goals do they have?
  2. What personal experiences or anecdotes can I share that relate to the course content and inspire my learners? 

  3. How can I create a narrative flow that guides my learners through their course journey? Hint: Structuring your content like a story with a beginning, middle, and end helps keep learners engaged and invested in their learning experience.

  4. What emotions do I want to evoke in my audience, and how can I use storytelling to achieve convey them? 

  5. How can I weave storytelling elements throughout the course to enhance understanding and retention?

Now, unleash the power of storytelling to take your online course to the next level!


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